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Empowerment & All That



Empowerment & All That is your favorite podcast for female empowerment.

Have you ever felt like you were lost? Like you are lonely in the world and no one could possibly understand you? Ever feel like you can't change your current situation? Have you ever been put down or made to feel less than? Found yourself in a toxic relationship? In a career that is unrewarding? Have you lost your confidence? Don't recognize yourself in the mirror? This was the reason for the launch of this podcast, to help bring women back to center and remind them what with a little encouragement, tips and hearing other people's stories of strength, you too can get back to feeling like yourself again.

'Keep it positive or don't keep it at all'! -Rita B. 


 Rita Bautista - Host & Executive Producer 

Empowerment & All That podcast was birthed as a passion project by Rita after overcoming a hump of difficult times in her life. She remembered that in her times of need, the words & wisodom of other women helped her see better days. It was then that she decided to start her journey of empowering women through her podcast.